About us


Humanity Holding GmbH is an international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Austria. We bring complex solutions to a pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Being innovation-oriented and having a strong scientific focus our affiliates conduct research, develop and manufacture a broad range of innovative products within Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Healthcare areas.

However, our services are not limited to designing and producing high-quality medicines. Humanity also offers broad multiplex solutions for a health care branch up to a countrywide level.

The Holding’s affiliates originate from various fields of pharmaceutical industries. Among other Humanity Holding GmbH represents Consortium “Humanity Georgia” which is comprised of diverse strategic partners with significant international experience in R&D, design and engineering, technology transfer, project management, logistics and much more.

Having such a wide and proven expertise we assist our clients on launching and developing large scale business opportunities on pharmaceutical markets, and/or implement such projects independently.

Humanity operates globally at the same time solving local communities’ challenges. Thus we are a reliable partner which has been conducting commercial operations throughout Eastern Europe and in some African countries. Our network of well- equipped manufacturing sites and innovative R&D centers is located in India and China.

Social responsibility is one of Humanity’s core values. Therefore, in our work we have successfully reached a perfect balance between the highest quality of our products and affordable prices. By having done this we make effective medical treatment accessible to all the social layers, since we strongly believe that every patient is equally valuable.

To sum up, Humanity offers a global approach to sustainable development in pharmaceutical industry. We aim to stand at the front edge of recent research and to bring a significant contribution to pharmaceutical innovation. Moreover, along with our partners, we keep delivering a wide range of complementary pharmaceutical services within large scale solutions. Our global expertise and international experience is there for your commercial success and long-term growth.


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