About Us

About Us

Humanity Holding GmbH represents Humanity Georgia Consortium group of companies founded by strategic partners with the purpose of business opportunities development at the pharmaceutical market of Georgia. The consortium incorporates certified EU – PIC/S GMP pharmaceutical manufacturers which have an ambitious potential in development of pharmaceutical products and product portfolio potential, Project Company, as well as project management and Logistics Company which jointly possess unprecedented combination of international special knowledge and skills at the pharmaceutical market

We discover and develop innovative medicines and make them accessible to patients in various countries all over the world. Our R&D strategy is driven by high scientific standards and guided by patient needs.

Humanity Holding affiliates have over 300 products under development with clinical trials being fundamental to the process. Our key goal in R&D is to develop innovative medicines and to design contemporary devices that effectively treat and prevent diseases and enable people to live a decent live. .

Our team is our asset. Humanity’s employees represent proven experiences and deep expertise in what we do along with a positive approach. We manage to transformchallenges into opportunities and this makes us a reliable and comprehensive partner within pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Our Team

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Our mission is to secure an access to affordable medicines of high quality for all the social layers as well as to ensure a long, decent and fulfilling human live.

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