Our Mission

Our mission is to secure an access to affordable medicines of high quality for all the social layers as well as to ensure a long, decent and fulfilling human live.

Our Mission


Our values and corporate social responsibility are deeply integrated in the company’s culture and decision-making processes. Humanity acts with integrity maintaining professionalism and striving for continual improvement and innovation. Since we work for a better world we are dedicated to meet the expectations of our customers and partners. . Consequently, Humanity’s philosophy is as simple as producing products ofhigh quality and delivering excellent services for common good.

Our products add value to our mission and make it possible to fulfill it. Our essential goal is to continue discovering and develop innovative products as well as to facilitate them in a global marketplace in order to prevent and cure diseases, to relieve suffering and to enhance the quality of life.

Our services focus on continual growth and outstanding performance. We aim to empower and support local governments around the globe in their struggle for public health. However, we do realize all the challenges which local authorities might face in their fight for decrease in diseases’ trends at a national-wide scale. Therefore, our objective is not only to make this fight successful, but also to ensure its economic efficiency and to secure its sustainable results.

Humanity’s commitment to delivering outstanding opportunities through providing world-class complex pharmaceutical solutions enables us to fulfill our Mission.

Advocating for novelty and change we promote the new generation of innovative solutions in our products, services and processes. Nevertheless, efficiency and safety always remain the crucial reference points on our way to improving public health.

Finally, since we place a patient at a central spot among our values all our products and services are targeted to meet very specific consumers’ needs. It becomes possible due to a constant exploring of markets and consumers’ insights. Undoubtedly, Humanity is fully committed to its mission to make a difference in people’s lives.


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